Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go to this site: http://consumerfriendlyyarns.blogspot.com/

The email on this isn't linking properly, so I'm giving up. There's a fantastic website set up called "Consumer Friendly Yarns", check em out.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Fiesta Yarns

Here is their sales agreement, which requires retailers to sell at keystone prices.


Tilli Thomas

The yarn that started all the fuss. I don't have anything in writing from them documenting keystone pricing, but here are links to several sites that document them discontinuing business with Sarah's Yarns because she refused to use Keystone pricing. Lots of interesting discussion.




About this blog

I created this blog to be a place to share information on yarn companies that require retailers to sell yarns at at "keystone" prices. Keystone pricing keeps yarn prices artificially inflated. What consumers do with that information is up to them. If you have information on companies that do this, you can e-mail it to me, and I will research it to make sure it is accurate-- then post it to the site.